Friday, February 13, 2015

74 Piece Sakura 57361 Gelly Roll Artist Gift Set

Sakura 57361 74-Piece Gelly Roll Artist Gift Set is best seller on this year, many people give positive reviews for this product.

Sakura 57361 free shipping and with specification :
  • Sakura 57361 74-Piece Gelly Roll Artist Gift Set
  • Gel-ink rollerball is ice cream smooth
  • Contains: classic fine (6 pc) & medium (11 pc); metallic (14 pc); gold (5 pc) & silver shadow (5 pc)
  • Stardust (13 pc); moonlight 10 (10 pc); moonlight 06 (10 pc)
  • Re-usable plastic storage organizer case

Introducing a 74-piece artist's gift set for the Gelly Roll fanatic. Every current color (includes Moonlight 06) in a durable, plastic carrying case: Gelly Roll Classic, Moonlight 10 (Bold), Moonlight 06 (Fine), Stardust, Metallic, Gold Shadow and Silver Shadow styles, including Gelly Roll White and Gelly Roll Stardust Clear. Great for the journaling, art, paper crafting, scrapbooking or just for fun.

I LOVE this set! After using "The Write Dudes" Gel pens, these just blew my mind away. Now, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with Write Dudes... if you're on a budget. These Sakura Gel Pens really pack a punch when it comes to their effects. For example, the metallic is VERY metallic, and the stardust (glitter) are shimmering like the little stars they are. Again, compared to other brands that I used, these didn't lose their shimmer/luster effects over time; they kept their quality so far and I love that!
I use these babies with copic markers. So to anyone wondering are they good with copic? YES THEY ARE! They're good with any markers really. The clear stardust gel went over the marker and made it shimmer without causing the copic ink to change color or lose any shading I did. I also used them on Bic and Infinity pens and sakura gel pens still kept their quality. The white and black are very handy when outlining and doing the shades in eyes and other areas where you need gel to cover over markers. Sakura-- no, Japan-- you've done us a great favor by creating these gel pens. I salute you. Take these 5 stars!

P.S: there has to be some kind of sorcery when it comes to the gold and silver shadow pens. You draw in color, but it reflects back either gold or silver! Wow....Just wow.

TL;DR: If you're going to complain about price, try other brands first then try these gel-pens! The quality is too amazing to look at price! They work well with copics (and other markers), they don't lose their special effects (ie glitter and metallic) over time and come in more colors compared to other brands that also sell metallic, glitter and neon pens. My suggestion is that you stop looking for gel pens beyond this brand and just use them already. They won't be a waste of your money.

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