Friday, February 13, 2015

First 64 Piece Sakura 57360 Gelly Roll Artist's Gift Set

Sakura 57360 Gelly Roll Artist's Gift Set most you have on this year, it's will be best seller on this year see the sepcification and reviews on this blog.

Sakura 57360 Gelly Roll Artist's Gift Set specification :
  • Every current Gelly Roll color & style in a 64 pc set
  • Archival quality ink is chemically stable, waterproof and fade resistant
  • Contains: Classic Fine (6 pc) & Medium (11 pc); Metallic (14 pc); Gold (5 pc) & Silver Shadow (5 pc); Stardust (13 pc); Moonlight (10 pc)
  • Gel-ink rollerball is Ice Cream Smooth
  • Assorted colors
Sakura 57360 Gelly Roll Artist's Gift Set price was update today with discount price too, get it today

First 64 Piece Sakura 57360 Reviews

I have ordered this with Super Saver Shipping, and the order reached my house within three business days in perfect shape.

The box include 5 main types of pens:
- Classic which is a classic gel pen in various colours and 2 tip sizes (.6 and .8). If you seek a pen for writing and you are looking for variety of nice colour. This is a pen for you.

- Moonlight: A pen that can be written on practically every texture and color. The greatest reward of using this is you can write on plastic or glass and the ink can still hold. You can also write it on dark paper and you can still red and see the color brightly. They don't call it Moonlight for no reason!

- Metallic: If you are a big car fan and you know what Metallic color for a car looks like, that's the color. I don't have much comment on this, but it would be a great tool if you like painting. I use pens mainly to write, and this may not be the best choice for writing.

- Stardust: This is simply a water color pen with glitter. The ink sparkles and it looks very nice when you want to circle or underline some key words when you read. It is also great for coloring to add some "real" star to the sky!

- Gold/Silver: These are two last categories for this box set. It is simply a metallic with border. If you write on a white paper, you will be able to see a silver/gold line with a colored border.

EVERY pen in my box works and it is still working perfectly.

One word of caution though, if you are using it for just lecturing or something that does not include painting, I would not suggest that you buy this as it may be a bit waste (You rarely use Metallic unless you are painting. The ink of Metallic is thick and takes quite a time to dry, so it is not an ideal pen for writing).

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